When to have senior pictures taken is the most common question asked among my senior portrait clients. Truthfully, it all depends on your style, what you desire from your session, how you’ll be using your images, and what season you want to dress for. Below, I’ll be showing examples from each season and discussing some of the most common times to have senior pictures taken during your senior year.


It’s not uncommon for seniors to want to have their senior portraits taken during the summer between their junior and senior year. This can be a little early for some, but for others the feeling of getting it out of the way and taken care of while not having to schedule around prom, school events, sports, etc can be refreshing and relaxing. Plus, you’re already nice and tan from summer break. Although it’s not the most common time to take senior pictures (think super hot), it is still very popular.

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This is one of the more common times to have senior portraits taken (second only to spring). Fall is a very busy time for photographers because it is the most popular time for family photo sessions as well, however, don’t let this stop you from booking your fall senior portrait session. Fall can yield amazing photographs! The change in leave color paired with a sunny day with a cool breeze can be the perfect atmosphere for your senior portraits. It also allows for a vast array of wardrobe options. You can wear either “summer”, “spring”, “fall”, or “winter”  outfits and you will likely be comfortable.

when to have senior pictures taken


This is the least popular time to take senior portraits, and for good reason, but there are the select few that are edgy and want something different. If you’re lucky enough to get snow, it can be very creative.

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This is the most popular time to schedule your senior pictures, but likely the most busy time for you as well. There are yearbook deadlines, prom, graduation planning, announcements to be designed and sent out, graduation parties to plan, college apps to fill out, etc. Spring, like fall, allows for a greater option in wardrobe choices and the colors are just phenomenal.

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I hope this has helped you narrow down the time of year that is best for you! Remember, there is no “right or wrong” time to schedule your senior pictures. When to take your senior pictures is purely a personal choice and should be decided based on your personal schedule, your style, the type of photographs you desire, and the deadlines you have to submit you photos for the yearbook and graduation if you’d like to use them for that purpose. I will encourage you to indulge in the experience. It’s a once in a lifetime experience for seniors to feel like a total rockstar for a full day.