I used to get so frustrated when I tried to photograph my son. He’d give me to most awkward looks, the most exasperated sighs, and he looked so uncomfortable in images. I had a few great ones, but most of them were not the ‘perfect memory’ I so desperately wanted to hang on my wall. Sound familiar?

I think every mom/photographer goes through this when trying to get those perfect images of their sweet baby. Moms that aren’t photographers are so worried about their child cooperating. I’ve seen both mom and kiddo get so flustered it made it hard to get them images you so desperately desire. Kids don’t quickly forget when they are mad- trust me, I’ve learned this lesson many times from mine.

One day, I decided I just wanted to go out and have fun. I grabbed my camera and talked my kids into dressing up. I let them do what they want for a while, then slid in a few I wanted, and went back to what they love. Guess what? It worked!

There were several times my kids gave me perfect images from THEIR ideas. I actually wound up discarding my images and went with theirs. Now, this doesn’t always happen, but we always have fun. I always get a few amazing images for the wall, and a few silly ones to boot.

So moms, you did great! Your kids are here, they are happy, they are fed, they are lovable and cute, they are silly, and I’m going to take advantage of that. So what if I waste a few frames getting some silly photos. They might just turn out to be your favorites. <3