Disclaimer: All images were taken and provided by Sugar Bee Sweets

When I moved to the DFW area, I was determined to reach out to as many local wedding vendors as possible. I knew the market was filled with wonderful artists of all types, but I completely underestimated the vast talent available in the metroplex. I began following bakeries on Instagram and immediately fell in love with the works of DFW wedding bakery, Sugar Bee Sweets in Arlington. I knew I wanted to feature their work on my blog, so I gathered my courage and reached out to them.

Scout, the manager, was absolutely amazing to speak with. She got back with me quickly and seemed equally excited to be featured. She put me in touch with Heidi, who was gracious enough to delve into all the details that makes them unique and sets them apart from every other wedding bakery in the DFW area. They are so kind and enthusiastic about what they do. It was truly a pleasure interviewing them for this feature.
White and cream wedding layered wedding cake make with real flowers in pink, red, and cream. peonies, roses, and crisanthioms

Sugar Bee Sweets has been in business since 2009. When deciding what to call their DFW wedding bakery, they tossed around a few names and decided upon Sugar Bee Sweets because of it’s southern charm. It’s the perfect name for a charming place to enjoy a sweet treat with a friend on a relaxing weekend morning, but also classic enough to depict the boutique experience they provide their clients.

Teal, aqua, white, and pink multi layered wedding cake made with real flowers

At Sugar Bee Sweets, they take pride in creating the perfect treat for every client, but the enjoyment they get from creating the perfect wedding masterpiece is second to none. Heidi said, “There is just something so rewarding about sitting down with a client, designing their dream wedding cake, and then taking that to the kitchen to craft and create exactly what they envisioned.”

No cake is too big or too small for this fabulous DFW wedding bakery. Creating custom cakes with intricate piping details or delicate lace accents, even themed cakes, are just a few of their many talents.

pecan pies and banana cream pie for wedding sweets

One advantage of working with a boutique wedding bakery like Sugar Bee, is their knowledge of the wedding industry and upcoming trends. Sugar Bee Sweets has kept an eye on the wedding trends for 2016 and they predict that dessert tables will make a grand appearance this year.  Many couples and choosing to to veer from traditional cakes and serve a variety of desserts. Another big trend is the ‘naked cake’ (seen below on the right) with little to no icing on the outside.

No matter what, you are in the right hands with the design crew at Sugar Bee Sweets! They will help you create the perfect dessert for your wedding.

naked cake, gold cake, gold foil cake, pink cake, and white cakeThe design process can be intimidating, but Sugar Bee Sweets will make the entire process seamless and fun! At your initial appointment, you can expect to start off by tasting cake! A local favorite is vanilla with blackberry and cream cheese. After you’ve narrowed down the flavors, the design team will help you design the perfect cake. They can take inspiration from a color swatch, linens, florals, mood board for a reception, Pinterest boards, you name it, they can create it!
geometric cake, black and white cake, square cake, real flowers, pink, read, black, and cream

The design is focused on how you want your cake to look rather than servings. If additional tiers are required, they can create faux tiers. If additional servings are required, they can create additional servings to be served with the main cake.

The top notch design team at Sugar Bee Sweets creates a custom sketch at your design consult that you get to take home along with a detailed quote. They also send any pieces of cake you didn’t get to taste earlier in the meeting.
cream, red, pink, round layers, cake, green, real flowers, dfw wedding bakery

During wedding season, Sugar Bee Sweets, produces as many as 35 birthday, wedding shower, and party cakes in addition to 10 wedding cakes each week. When I heard that, I was so shocked to know that Heidi still takes time to enjoy a warm chocolate chip cookie (her favorite treat) as well as spoil each of her clients. Because each cake is made with such care and attention to detail, the best time to contact Sugar Bee Sweets is at least 4-6 months before your wedding.

To book Sugar Bee Sweets for your custom wedding cake, contact them today! www.sugarbeesweets.com

Thank you Heidi and Scout for taking the time to answer my questions and provide the beautiful photographs of your work! I am so lucky to have gotten the opportunity to speak with both of you!