As Louisville Photographer, I pride myself on giving my clients the best experience available. So, this year, I’ll be stepping up my game! Thank you for taking the time to read about the small, but invaluable changes coming to HWP. I’m so excited about all of the things I plan to roll out over the course of this year and I’ve been chomping at the bit to tell you all about it!

Let me start off  by updating you all on my crazy life. I haven’t blogged in forever and there has been a ton of change! As many of my amazing clients already know, I work full-time as a nurse. I love my job, but I LOVE my business. This past year has been incredibly straining on our family. My husband and I have both been working and going to school full-time, and I had a business to run. Drake keeps us running with multiple sports and for those who didn’t know, we are fostering a sweet, but rotten, little girl.  In the midst of all of that, I had to cut back on my sessions… which I failed to do. I overbooked myself for my schedule and that caused me to take longer than I like for turnaround. I am so lucky to have amazing clients that put their full trust in me and were so understanding especially through the busy holiday season. On top of our crazy busy lives, we have been working toward adopting our sweet girl! I think this is the year (although we thought that last year as well). Last but not least, my dad has been very ill and spent quite some time in critical condition in the ICU in Dallas, and I flew to be with my family. family photos louisville

I don’t often say this on social media, but praise the Lord, our world seems to be getting back on track. I am finished with school, adoption looks like it’s headed our way, and my dad is scheduled to receive a bone marrow transplant in the coming months. I am so ready to be looking up!

Now back to the point of this post, as a Louisville Photographer, I know that I always need to be moving forward. I need to be bringing bigger and better things to the table for my clients. I’m so ready for that! I’ve decided to work on small changes this year! When you look at my business overall, you won’t see a major overhaul or a mega rebrand, but the experience is going to be better than ever! Let me tell you why!

My new motto is a week! One week after your photo session, we will have an in person viewing session. When we schedule your photo session, we will also schedule your viewing and ordering session. At your session, I will utilize a new program to show you exactly how your images will look to scale on YOUR walls! Yes that’s right! I’ll be able to use the space you plan to hang your photographs as a template to design the perfect gallery wall for you.

I will also change to in person viewing for wedding clients as well! We will go through your images and work through your album design at your viewing and ordering session. This will allow for quicker turn around of those amazing albums.

My next change is to add options for gallery wall collections. I won’t be doing away with all of my current collections, but I will be creating a few wall art collections for you to take advantage of. By creating collections, you’ll be able to take advantage of special pricing available only will the collections. The good news? Past clients can contact me for a new ordering session if they would like to purchase a wall art collection since they’ve never been offered before!

I’ll be changing my packaging just a bit, but it will still be the same yellow and grey goodness you’re used to. It will just have a bit more “HWP flare” to it. I’ll also be blogging more often. And… I’ll be ramping up my referral program! I’ll go over all of those things with you during your pre session consult.

I’m also VERY excited about my ‘Love & Beauty Campaign’ I will be taking it to the next level this year with some community outreach and a few opportunities for my clients to indulge themselves as well.

My last exciting announcement, for now, is that I will be photographing the 2015 Royal Court for the 2015 Kentucky Derby! How exciting is that? I’ll be sure to post a special and several behind the scenes for you all! Be sure to follow me on instagram if you don’t already: @hwoodphoto

Louisville senior portrait photographer

I hope you’re ready for an amazing year!